DCP and Cearbhúil Studios – Namechange time!

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DCP – Damien Carroll Photography

Logo for DCP

DCP and Cearbhuil Studios

Back in 2008, instead of DCP, I set up my photography business under the name Cearbhuil Studios. Cearbhuil is a shortened version of O’Cearbhúill, the Irish for Carroll. Why did I shorten it – well it looked better on the letterhead!

Damien Carroll photography – why the rebranding?

Having a name like Cearbhuil is great as a visual eyecatcher. It is also a great talking point and often stirs a lot of interest as to what it means. I have had some fantastic suggestions over the years.

And so to the problems of having such a name.

  • Not many can ever remember how to pronounce Cearbhuil – pronounced “Caroole”. As with a lot of Irish names, it is not pronounced as it is spelled.
  • When the pronunciation is so different to the spelling it makes searching for my website www.cearbhuilstudios.com very challenging.
  • Then we have Studio! This is a place that can be used by a dancer, a painter, yes- a photographer, a sound engineer or a film production company. So the title does not say much about what I actually do. Well, I certainly would not make it as a dancer!

The solution!

Use my own name – simple! Follow my name with what I do – photography. Ok – so it makes the website a bit longer www.damiencarrollphotography.com. The DCP design was offered by Canva.

My studio in Laois retains the name “Cearbhúil Studios”. After all, the Cambridge English Dictionary describes a studio as “room in which an artist worksespecially a painter or photographer.”

I can live with that!

Damien Carroll at Cearbhuil Studios


Roisin & Darren’s Wedding

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Roisin and Darren’s Laois Wedding

Roisin and Darren’s lovely village wedding in Camross Co. Laois. Wedding reception at The Bridge House Hotel Tullamore Co. Offaly. YouTube video link to the slideshow https://youtu.be/tfiSOp1X39g.


Laois Wedding photography in the grounds of an old church


Bridal Hair by Sarah Masterson - Sarah the hair stylist

Hair by Sarah Masterson – Sarah the Hair Artist

Makeup by Nicola Smeaton MUA Rathdowney Co Laois

Bridal Makeup by Nicola Smeaton MUA

Bridesmaids before wedding


Wedding day morning photography of getting ready


Wedding Photography Laois


Groom Laois


Groom on his wedding day


Church Wedding Photography

Wedding Singer: Ailish Sarah Flaherty – Listen to samples of her music here.

Camross Laois Village Wedding


Flowers by Town and Country Flowers Thurles Co Tipperary

Wedding Flowers by Claire Thurles, Co Tipperary.

Bride and Groom photoshoot Laois


Churchyard wedding photos


Wedding at the Bridge House Hotel Tullamore

Noel McCann as master of ceremonies at the Bridge House Hotel Tullamore Co Offaly

First Dance Wedding Photography


Sean Savage DJ on the decks at the Bridge House Tullamore Wedding

DJ Sean Savage lighting up the dance floor for Roisin and Darren’s wedding at the Bridge House Hotel.

Wedding couples first dance bride and groom

Wedding Video shot by Jim and Mark at Lawlor Video Memories 


Vendor List

Bride and Bridesmaids hair: Sarah Masterson – Sarah the Hair Artist

Bridal party makeup: Nicola Smeaton Mua

Video by Jim and Mark at Lawlor Video Memories.

Photographer:  Damien Carroll Photography

Wedding singer: Ailish Sarah Flaherty

Wedding Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Claire, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

Wedding Cake: Margaret Bentley.

Reception: The Bridge House Hotel Tullamore Co Offaly

Entertainment by DJ Sean Savage.

John and Marys Wedding at the Stephouse Hotel Carlow

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Wedding reception at The Stephouse Hotel, Borris, Co Carlow.

With congratulations and thanks to John and Mary.

The Stephouse Hotel Wedding

Gardens at the Stephouse Hotel

Wedding Cake at the Stephouse Hotel

View from Wedding At Stephouse Hotel Carlow

Johon & Marys Wedding At the Stephouse Hotel Carlow

Luxury Wedding at the Stephouse Hotel Carlow

Wedding Carlow

Damien Carroll Photography

Thelma & Richards Wedding – River Court Kilkenny

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Congratulations to Thelma and Richard who were married recently in Killasmeestia Church complete with real confetti prepared by Richards mum. We stopped off at Kilkenny Castle for photos before heading to the reception at The River Court Hotel.

Killasmeestia Church with Wedding Car

Photo of Wedding couple outside Kilkenny Castle

Wedding party in front of Kilkenny Castle

Bride and Groom at Kilkenny Castle

First Dance

Christmas Special Offer 2017

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Christmas Special Offer

10% off the face value of all gift certificates until December 12th, 2017.

Christmas gift idea 2017

At this time of year, we all need some fresh gift ideas. A voucher towards a photo shoot for individuals, groups or families gives loved ones a gift that can last a lifetime. To purchase a voucher click here – your discount will be applied when you are at the checkout.

   Damien Carroll

Behind the Scenes – Dublin Photo Shoot

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This is a video of some behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot in Dublin. The location was in and around my office at Harcourt Street.

Makeup by Carmel Ryan. Our lovely model on the day was Kasia through Starnow. We were ably assisted by Mark Bergin.

Model Photo with light Editorial Fashion Shoot Dublin Mopdel Posing looking downward Model posing in the Iveagh Gardens Beautly pose


Damien Carroll

Autumn Pre-Wedding Session – Heywood Gardens Laois

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Pre-wedding sessions offer value. Thelma and Richard flew home from their base the UK a week before their wedding for theirs. Where better to have an Autumn session than in Heywood Gardens in Co. Laois.

Pre Wedding Shoot Heywood Gardens

Thelma and Richard saw a real advantage in this session. It gave us some informal down time to get to know one another, have a chat about the wedding day, and go through a few moves.


Couple photo at Heywood Gardens in Co Laois


A couples wedding day simply flies by. A pre-wedding session is a time out from the frantic planning and yet sets a familiar tone to the day itself.


Photos of pre wedding session at Heywood Gardens in Co Laois


Heywood Gardens is operated by the Office of Public Works. In all seasons it is beautifully maintained. There is plenty of parking, has public facilities, and has easy access.

Damien Carroll Photography.


Couple photo at Heywood Gardens Laois

35mm Film – It’s been a while

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It must be at least 15 years since I last used a 35mm film camera. Thanks to Beatrice Hunt for giving me her much loved Canon 3000. The camera itself is so light. I fitted it with a canon 50mm 1.8 (affectionalty known by some as the nifty fifty) which is a very light but high quality lens. I loaded the camera with an Ilford Delta 400 black and white 35mm film. So here we go one roll of film later.

Digital is so fast. I wanted to slow my personal photography down. Now as a professional photograper I know that every time I hit the button on my digital camera I am creating a file that has to be dealt with later. So I am well adjusted to only shooting when there is a photo to be had. It is amazing how my attitude got even more refined knowning I only had 36 chances at getting a good shot.

There is a sense of anticipation, not knowing there and then if you got the shot. There is no instant read out on exposure or framing after the fact. It was fun to see the faces of teenagers and young adults when they asked to see the photo right after it was shot. I turned the camera to show them a piece of black plastic where the screen should be. I explained that the film would have to be processed and it could take up to a week to get it back. This was totally lost on them.

Of course there is the anticipation of handing the film in for processing. Have I got 36 shots – or none? My first contact was in print. It was so nice to be able to hold a print for a change. I got all 36 shots. Were all 36 great – no, but I learned so much by not having digital back up. The camera is now loaded with colour Fujifilm 400.

I had the film processed at John Gunns camera shop on Wexford Street. I always find Gunns extremely helpful – they even posted my photos back to Laois for me.

Harley Davidson photographed on the street in Kilkenny CastleHarley Davidson parked outside Kilkenny Castle

Photograph of Irish Wolf Hound in KilkennyMet this gentle giant admiring the Kilkenny Hurlers – Cu Breatnach from Wexford

Walkers on a Kilkenny StreetStreets of Kilkenny

Street Photography of a rainey day in DubinRain on the Steets of Dubin

My old friend of 15 years

Double Exposure in Dublin CityGetting close to the end of the roll I started some genuine double and triple exposures. Really liked this one.

Damien Carroll Lifestyle Photography 

Damien Carroll Commercial Photography

Photo Session at the Ridge of Cappard Laois

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I had the pleasure of taking these photos with Fran and James at the Ridge of Cappard in the Slieve Bloom Mountains on the Laois Offaly border. We caught the sunset on a bright but cloudy evening giving us a lovely blue backdrop. Thanks to Fran and James for making the trek up the boardwalk – ye look fantastic.

Couples photography


Engagement photography


Laois Offaly engagement photos


Laois couple engagement photography by Damien Carroll


Damien Carroll

Choosing the Right Props for Your Photography Session

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Choosing the Right Props for Your Next Photo Session

Have you ever thought about adding props to your photo sessions? Props can add interest, depth and an extra flair to your pictures. Get your children to hold coordinating flowers for a spring or summer shoot. Love sports? Then use footballs or hurleys in your next family photo to bring out your passion. Here are a few tips for ways to incorporate props in your next photo session.

  • Avoid trends. While you might have recently seen a few photos that incorporate a specific prop, try not to use something that will not look really dated in 20 years’ time. Classic is definitely better and there are many fun options to choose from.
  • Be realistic. It’s easy to go wild when thinking of a theme for your photo session. You should decide on one that you can actually find props for. For example, if you want to use seasonal props, try and source them in that season as they’ll be easier to find and before you decide to remake your favourite movie scene, think twice about whether you’ll be able to find suitable outfits for everyone in the photo.

Photography Props

  • Size matters. There are some larger props that work really well in photo sessions such as using your grandpa’s farm tractor as a background piece. However, there are some larger props that can take away from the beauty of the photograph altogether. Make sure that your prop enhances the photo and doesn’t detract from it.

Cars for Props

  • Make it meaningful. If your child has a favourite stuffed animal or if you have a musical instrument that you treasure, try and incorporate it into your photos. This way your pictures will have more meaning to you and your family.
  • Use what you have. Make the current season work to your advantage by using what’s available. Leaves in the Autumn make for amazing props in photos and don’t cost a thing.

Engagement Shoot Dromineer Harbour Tipperary

Remember, using props can be the perfect addition to your photos but make sure that they don’t become the main focus.