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It must be at least 15 years since I last used a 35mm film camera. Thanks to Beatrice Hunt for giving me her much loved Canon 3000. The camera itself is so light. I fitted it with a canon 50mm 1.8 (affectionalty known by some as the nifty fifty) which is a very light but high quality lens. I loaded the camera with an Ilford Delta 400 black and white 35mm film. So here we go one roll of film later.

Digital is so fast. I wanted to slow my personal photography down. Now as a professional photograper I know that every time I hit the button on my digital camera I am creating a file that has to be dealt with later. So I am well adjusted to only shooting when there is a photo to be had. It is amazing how my attitude got even more refined knowning I only had 36 chances at getting a good shot.

There is a sense of anticipation, not knowing there and then if you got the shot. There is no instant read out on exposure or framing after the fact. It was fun to see the faces of teenagers and young adults when they asked to see the photo right after it was shot. I turned the camera to show them a piece of black plastic where the screen should be. I explained that the film would have to be processed and it could take up to a week to get it back. This was totally lost on them.

Of course there is the anticipation of handing the film in for processing. Have I got 36 shots – or none? My first contact was in print. It was so nice to be able to hold a print for a change. I got all 36 shots. Were all 36 great – no, but I learned so much by not having digital back up. The camera is now loaded with colour Fujifilm 400.

I had the film processed at John Gunns camera shop on Wexford Street. I always find Gunns extremely helpful – they even posted my photos back to Laois for me.

Harley Davidson photographed on the street in Kilkenny CastleHarley Davidson parked outside Kilkenny Castle

Photograph of Irish Wolf Hound in KilkennyMet this gentle giant admiring the Kilkenny Hurlers – Cu Breatnach from Wexford

Walkers on a Kilkenny StreetStreets of Kilkenny

Street Photography of a rainey day in DubinRain on the Steets of Dubin

My old friend of 15 years

Double Exposure in Dublin CityGetting close to the end of the roll I started some genuine double and triple exposures. Really liked this one.

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