Albatros Fertiliser Factory New Ross – The dead duck once of a golden age

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President John F Kennedy once stated that if his ancestors had not emigrated to the U.S then he probably would have been working in Albatros. Such was the scale of this massive employer in the community. It went even further by creating a social centre and a sports field.

Boats sailed up to New Ross Port with cargo for the plant. Trucks arrived from all over Ireland to collect the bags of 10-10-20 and the likes for distribution nationwide. There was a constant buzz around the plant.

But that was another era. Another time. The plant is now long silenced. The intense activity of yesteryear is replaced by eerie emptiness. The newer security fence stands in front of the old. The whole site now looks like a vacant factory from the cold war.

It is due for demolotion. This should happen sooner rather than later. There is alot of absestos on the site. As the buildings fall further into disrepair, and storms take their hold the absestos is getting damaged. There are also notable breaches in the security fence. This simply is not a safe place to roam around.

Here are some photos of the site. They are all taken from the roadside.

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