DCP and Cearbhúil Studios – Namechange time!

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DCP – Damien Carroll Photography

Logo for DCP

DCP and Cearbhuil Studios

Back in 2008, instead of DCP, I set up my photography business under the name Cearbhuil Studios. Cearbhuil is a shortened version of O’Cearbhúill, the Irish for Carroll. Why did I shorten it – well it looked better on the letterhead!

Damien Carroll photography – why the rebranding?

Having a name like Cearbhuil is great as a visual eyecatcher. It is also a great talking point and often stirs a lot of interest as to what it means. I have had some fantastic suggestions over the years.

And so to the problems of having such a name.

  • Not many can ever remember how to pronounce Cearbhuil – pronounced “Caroole”. As with a lot of Irish names, it is not pronounced as it is spelled.
  • When the pronunciation is so different to the spelling it makes searching for my website www.cearbhuilstudios.com very challenging.
  • Then we have Studio! This is a place that can be used by a dancer, a painter, yes- a photographer, a sound engineer or a film production company. So the title does not say much about what I actually do. Well, I certainly would not make it as a dancer!

The solution!

Use my own name – simple! Follow my name with what I do – photography. Ok – so it makes the website a bit longer www.damiencarrollphotography.com. The DCP design was offered by Canva.

My studio in Laois retains the name “Cearbhúil Studios”. After all, the Cambridge English Dictionary describes a studio as “room in which an artist worksespecially a painter or photographer.”

I can live with that!

Damien Carroll at Cearbhuil Studios


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