Wedding photos are not just for now – they are yours forever!

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So many times potiential wedding clients make an appointment to see me saying that my basic package will do – often before they hear the price of it or any of its details. I get even more surprised as the conversation goes on as I find that they are spending more on the wedding cars and are going for the top hotel package.

Now of course I appreciate that a budget is a budget, but it did get me thinking about the why? Truthfully, you probably will not appreceiate the work your photographer does on the day of your wedding for some time to come. We record events in the now for you to treasure in the future. Its difficult to think beyond the wedding day itself, but in real time that is the day we capture images of family and friends interacting and enjoying each others company. Think how you will feel in one year, two years, or even ten years time as you look back on the photographs of one great day.

I got married – well some time ago. We still look back at the photos from our day. We remember the great time we had, the laughs, the things that did not go to plan, the people no longer with us and friends we have not seen in some time. Did these images have the same value the day after the wedding when every detail was fresh in our minds – no. They are and will continue to be extremely valuable to us. They are our images for now and the future!

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