Weddings – what if it rains?

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Admin under Wedding Photography

What if it rains

We all know that in Ireland you never know quite what to expect from the weather. The number of times that I have kept an eye on the five day weather forecast to plan an outdoor shoot, only to find the predicted conditions turned on its head as the countdown to the day arrives.

Surprisingly though we seldom get days of constant rain. Even on murky days we usually get a break at some stage to take some outside shots. This leads us to something we often have to deal with – wet conditions.

A change of footwear here is vital. Even consider a pair of funky festival wellies. There are other tricks like a hole a sheet.

As with most situations, planning is key. A set of umbrellas are always useful.

If you don’t want to step out we can always get great shots in doorways and beside large windows.

The bottom line is we have no control over the weather so we will work to the conditions we get. And it always works out great!

Damien Carroll

CearbhĂșil Photography

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