What is Worth Saving Forever?

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Admin under Wedding Photography

This is the question that faces me on the front cover of the M-Disc box. Having already purchased the system it is a little like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. However for my wedding clients it is one I take very seriously.

How many times have you scratched your cd or dvd and made in unplayable. Have you ever left a cd on the seat of your car and let the heat destroy it? Standard dvd’s naturally degrade over time.



We were married in – well back in the age of Video Tape. Recently having passed one of our milestones we found something to play the tape on (which was also a challenge) only to find that the tape had degraded. We immediately had it put onto dvd and are happy to have it. But what if this happened to our photographs?

Here at Cearbhuil Studios we now engrave your wedding images to archival quality discs. Unlike ordinary discs they are resistant to changes in light, temperature and humidity. They are tested by the US Department of Defensive and are the trusted data storage device for corporations across the world.

And what is the extra cost? We offer it as standard. We value our clients and the images we take. We are more than happy for you to have your images forever.

Damien Carroll


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